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Do You Know Your “Why”?

Inspired by Jamie McDonald’s unsupported run across Canada? Thinking of taking on a personal challenge fundraiser yourself?

Remember that fundraising targets, a shot at a world-record, and the big finish line may not give you the juice you need when times get tough. Here’s what Jamie said helped him:

My motivation came from the children and families that spent time in hospitals that I was raising money for. Seeing and hearing from the people whose lives I could potentially impact will always motivate me more than figures on a screen.

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That is his “why”. So, what is yours? Not sure? Don’t feel overwhelmed; I rounded up a couple inspirational resources.

In his famous TED talk, Simon Sinek explains why your “why” is so important when it comes to inspiring others. (Filmed at TEDxPugetSound)

Amy Jo Martin’s blog post called Finding Your Why was inspired by Sinek’s video. In it, she gives a very honest and personal account of her reaction to it. Toward the end, her post includes a couple of thought-provoking questions that Sinek asked her during a lunch date. They might help you, too.

Did I miss a TED Talk that you love? Is there a blog about finding your “why” that I should read? What has helped you find your why? Share it with me in the comments.

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